Aldi Specially Selected 2018

Another week has passed and it still amazes me how many different Christmas sandwiches are available. There’s so much choice from every food outlet, trying to pick which one to devour next is proving more difficult, and, with only so many days left in December, I’m not going to be able to eat them all. Choosing one sandwich over another deprives you, dear reader, of … Continue reading Aldi Specially Selected 2018

Pig and Apple 2018

The completion of another week has come to pass and the reward for such dedication to life has been the gift of another Christmas sandwich. After last week’s foam of displeasure, I was apprehensive about which choice to make. Should I resort to M&S and Pret, the standard epitomes of sandwich excellence, or instead should I endeavour to pursue something a little less ubiquitous? The … Continue reading Pig and Apple 2018

Morrisons Yorkshire Pudding Wrap 2018

It’s mid November, Halloween has well and truly passed and the signs that Christmas is fast approaching are everywhere. Welcome back avid readers and a big hello to any new review seekers, I’m pleased to announce the Christmas sandwich reviews have returned for another year! It remains my aim to supply you with the run down of this year’s festive treats and gastronomic disasters. I … Continue reading Morrisons Yorkshire Pudding Wrap 2018

Leon Vegan Christmas Wrap

If you like your condiments hot, this is the wrap for you. When it comes to culinary experiences, I’m an avid omnivore and have eaten a large variety of different fruits, meats and vegetables. I have, however, never tried being vegan and have only eaten a handful of vegan meals in my life. Trying Veganuary (eating as a vegan during the month of January) is … Continue reading Leon Vegan Christmas Wrap

Aldi Turkey Feast

The flavours were that indistinguishable that I couldn’t tell what bland taste was coming from what ingredient. Today’s Christmas sandwich review comes from Aldi, a range i’ve never before reviewed. Now I think there’s a lot to enjoy about Aldi, their Speciality Range is half decent and they have the advantage of being cheap. Their Christmas sandwich certainly fits this ethos with a price tag … Continue reading Aldi Turkey Feast

Greggs Oh What Joy Christmas Sandwich

This sandwich was so dry I almost choked to death. Ladies, gentlemen and non-binaries: They’re back. The Christmas sandwich season is upon us! It’s nice to again see so many retailers offering their take on the festive classic and I’m pleased to be able to bring you my roundup of what’s good and what’s dud. I’m going to try and look further afield this year … Continue reading Greggs Oh What Joy Christmas Sandwich

Tesco Triple Turkey and Trimmings

Half way through eating it I thought I was doing the dry cracker challenge but with a festive twist. One thing has become very clear, that choosing a Chistmas sandwich is not as easy as it used to be. Each outlet seems to have multiple options: turkey feasts; pigs in blankets; brie and grape (M&S are still pushing this as a Christmas sandwich); so each … Continue reading Tesco Triple Turkey and Trimmings

Asda Turkey Feast

Ideally designed for body builders, with its 36g of protein Welcome back to this year’s Christmas Sandwich reviews! It’s that time of the year when you get the pleasure of my ramblings and critiques of this year’s seasonal offerings in the hope of inspiring you to try, or warning you against, some of this year’s delectations. This year starts with a new one from Asda! … Continue reading Asda Turkey Feast

Co-Op Loved by Us Boxing Day Lunch

the room was filled with the smell of the sandwich which I can only explain as a noxious mix of that Bernard Matthews reformed turkey ham… and onion chutney. Every year supermarkets seem to be expanding their range of Christmas sandwich offerings. They’ve tapped into the nation’s craving and I, for one, enjoy trying their various sandwich fillings rehashed into a different guise. This year’s … Continue reading Co-Op Loved by Us Boxing Day Lunch